Monday, January 25, 2016

Nintendo in 2016

         2016 is going to be a rather interesting year for gaming, specifically for Nintendo.  But at the end of the day the WiiU was a flop. That shit was like a pancake. Now don't get me wrong I actually enjoy pancakes and this console. There's nothing like playing a Smash Bros. games with all your friends on the couch yelling just the most profane things at each other. I remember one time calling one of my friends a "shit fucket". Ah, good times. But is that enough? In my opinion, no. The fact that the this console was released almost four years ago and still no new Zelda title is absurd. Not to mention no "true" 3D Mario game as well because lets be honest here, Mario 3D World is not a 3D Mario game. You cannot tell me that it comes even close to the magnitude of  Super Mario Galaxy or even Super Mario Sunshine. Have you played Galaxy? Holy titty nipples what a game. I mean you boot that bad boy up and that music plays and instantly you just self-combust. So the question is, what does Nintendo do? Some people may answer this by saying maybe Nintendo should just stick to software. And I understand why they would say that I mean imagine a Zelda or a Metroid on a PS4. It would look fucking amazing. But something about Nintendo games on another company's platform just rubs me the wrong way. I don't like being rubbed the wrong way. So does Nintendo come up with a new a console? Oh, and what do we have here. Nintendo NX. God save the queen this might be it. This might be Nintendo's rise to glory once again. So far what we have of the NX is not that much. It might be a console that can detach itself and become portable? I don't really know, but what I do know is that there are a bunch of patents and shit. Which is cool and I love to speculate but I wanna know now what the thing really is. I just wanna know. So when E3 comes I better see Nintendo there. Aunt Jemima save them if they come out with this boojie-ass Nintendo direct talking about amiibos. I swear I'll shit a literal brick right then and there. This year is so damn important for them. They can do it. If that console comes out and it's got the lineup it will sell. If Nintendo shells out those first party games on the NX and on top of that start having third party support, then hot diggity dog life is good. Imagine beyond the lineup, day one virtual console support with all those tasty ass games we all love. And a trophy system that connects with the virtual console as well as the regular NX games. Ooo gurl that would be one tasty meatball. All in all, Nintendo, you got this. I believe in you. Even though ya done pissed me the fuck off, I still have a soft spot for you. I'll be right by your side. Unless you mess this up. Either way, I'll still play my PS4.

2016. Make Nintendo great again.

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